Besan Laddoo

The most loved Indian sweet. This is the best and easily homemade sweet which requires very less of your time in making and which gives sire pleasure of an Indian handmade sweet along with our luxurious Elixir Stevie.

Besan Laddoo[/caption]

4 cups Besan
4 tsp elixir Stevias
2 cups Ghee
2 tsp Elaichi Powder
4-6 Drops Saffron Colour

Mix the Stevias Elixir and saffron color together. Leave it aside.
Melt ghee in a kadhai and cook the besan over low flame.
Stir continuously till the besan becomes light brown in color.
Mix the Elaichi powder and again stir.
Remove from the flame and pour it on a thali. Let it cool slightly.
Now mix this with powdered sugar.
Divide it into equal parts and give the shape of laddoos.
Besan Laddoos is ready.