About Us

Natural Essence

At Natural Essence we have conducted extensive Research & Development on Stevia and have come to realize the vast spectrum of advantages associated with its use. We intend to share these advantages with the world, to promote overall health and well being. Elixir Stevia™ packs a potent punch of pure ‘Reb A’ extract from Stevia; which is the rarest and sweetest part of the leaf, making it that much harder to avail.

Elixir Stevia™” is comitted to bringing the finest stevia products to all its customers. We believe in delivering a healthy lifestyle to people by using less sugar and increase their well being. Stevia is considered as the best natural sweetener and herb which is 300 times sweeter than sugar. Elixir brand sweeteners and all its ingredients are natural, allergic free and without addictives. Our mission is to bring 100% natural Elixir Stevia™ sweeteners to be used for all the sweetened food and beverages.

Mission Statement

To earn the trust of every consumer by giving them premium quality natural products and nutritional benefits through extensive Research & Development, utilizing advanced technology and ancient miracles combined with intelligent solutions.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as leading global provider of Natural Sweeteners and a wide range of Natural & Organic products and Nutritional Supplements. With an energetic and innovative product development program, our goal is to deliver high value, premium quality and great health benefits to our consumer in order to sustain long-term, steady growth.